Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Treadmill


A treadmill is a machine that is used for running or walking without moving any distance. it is an indoor piece. It is used in almost all health clubs and physiotherapy hospitals. According to the desire of an individual the speed can be set. It occupies less space. It is easy to move from one place to another. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore one has to think and go for the best treadmill. Advantages of treadmillTreadmill allows an individual to walk at home. It is the easy way of exercising. It is helpful in burning unwanted calories in the body. It occupies small space for storage. It can be easily movable from one place to another. It allows an individual to set his own speed and displays the reading on the monitor. While watching TV and listening to music also one can exercise over the treadmill.
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Top Maintenance Tips For Your Treadmill Exercise Equipment


When you have spent a small fortune to purchase exactly the right treadmill for you, it is perfectly natural to want to take good care of it. Fortunately, newer pieces of exercise equipment such as the treadmill exercise equipment don’t require a lot of maintenance because they are now designed that way. Even better, you won’t need to spend more than a few minutes a month on the maintenance of your equipment to keep it looking brand new.

Maintenance Tip #1: Wipe Off Perspiration

At the end of each workout, you should wipe any sweat off the treadmill using a dry towel. Because of its corrosive properties, sweat can damage over time the belt on your treadmill exercise equipment. In addition, sweat can make the belt slick and, consequently, unsafe for anyone planning to exercise on it after you.

Maintenance Tip #2: Remove Dust

As you might suspect, dirt and dust can create two problems: they can inhibit the movement of the belt and they can interfere with your electronic board. Consequently, it is highly recommended to dust your treadmill exercise equipment at least once a week. The best tools for this task would be a clean dry cloth to remove dust from the belt and the area under the belt, and a moist cloth on the electronic board. Make be sure the cloth is only moist, and not dripping wet. Another thing to remember is to never use furniture products or polish like Endust on your treadmill exercise equipment.

Finally, every couple of months, it would be a really good idea to remove the hood of the machine to wipe away any dirt or dust that has accumulated inside.

Maintenance Tip #3: Check the Belt

You should check the belt on your treadmill to make sure it still fits snugly ant that it is aligned approximately once a month. After the first few uses, the belts on some of the new machines especially tend to loosen. Usually, you will find the screws to tighten the belt at the back of the machine. However, be very careful not to tighten too much. It may only take a quarter turn. If the belt is askew, simply giving it a gentle tug will get it back into alignment. Always remember to seek advice from the manufacturer or the fitness store where you bought your treadmill exercise equipment if you have trouble realigning or tightening the belt.

Since most new treadmills do not require belt lubrication, you should only lubricate your belt if and only if the manufacturer of your treadmill specifically recommends it. If that’s your case, your manufacturer probably sells lubrication kits accompanied with instructions and all the equipment you will need to accomplish that task quickly.

Here are two good reasons to take care of your treadmill: 1) it is not at all time consuming and 2) giving proper care to your equipment will extend its life in the long run. The best course of action is to contact the manufacturer of your treadmill exercise equipment to obtain additional information if you are not certain about the specific care that is recommended for your treadmill.

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C’s new treadmill.
treadmill exercise
Image by Izzard
Half price at £500

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Buy A Treadmill – 7 Easy Steps


According to many fitness experts, deciding to buy a treadmill is a smart move if you wish to burn calories, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Owning one of these aerobic machines gives you the convenience to work out whenever you wish — no waiting in line at a gym, no braving inclement weather to get in that daily jog.

Unfortunately, purchasing a treadmill has never been a more daunting task. There are so many brands to consider, and so many features . . . it’s important to have a road map to guide you through what can be a significant financial investment.

Here are seven easy steps you should follow:

1) Determine your goals.

Are you new to exercise (or years out of practice) and simply want to shed a few pounds? Do you want to lower your blood pressure by strengthening your heart with thirty minutes or so of vigorous walking every day? Do you intend to pursue a regimen of hardcore running?

Your goals will determine the type of machine you should buy. For ordinary walking and the occasional running session, a mid-priced machine, such as those available from Proform, will suffice.

If you plan to engage in a serious running program, you’ll want a more expensive model built to withstand heavy usage. Look at models from Precor and Landice.

2) Consider your space.

An ordinary treadmill requires as much space as your average sofa. Figure out where you’ll place the machine in your home, and take measurements.

One tip: don’t put it in that cobwebbed basement, where it’s more likely to collect dust than help you get in shape. Place it in front of a television or a window with a nice view, where you’re more apt to use it.

If space is at a premium, consider a folding treadmill. This can save you about six square feet.

3) Figure out your budget.

You can get a quality ‘mill that will meet the needs of the average user for about $ 800. If this is a stretch for you, you may want to hold off on the purchase until you have the money, because a cheaper machine is much more likely to break, will wobble and creak during use, and will be thin on the features that you need.

4) Read reviews.

With the Internet, it’s easy to become an informed consumer. There are hundreds of web sites that feature treadmill reviews of nearly every available model.

Pay special attention to reviews written by consumers who have actually used the machine, and buy a poorly reviewed ‘mill at your own risk!

5) Test machines in person.

Reading reviews can be educational, but nothing compares to first-hand experience. Drop in to a local sporting goods store and take the models that interest you for a test spin.

Tip: during your tests, be sure to wear the same athletic shoes that you’ll actually be using on the machine you purchase.

As you try out each one, ask yourself a few questions. Does it allow for a comfortable walking or running stride, not a jolting, jerky ride? Are the controls on the console clear and responsive? Is the motor powerful enough? Does the construction feel sturdy?

Come prepared with questions to ask the salesperson, too, but don’t be pressured into an immediate buying decision.

6) Decide on essential features.

After you’ve read reviews and conducted in-store tests, compile your final list of must-have features.

My recommended features: a continuous duty motor of at least 2HP, safety measures such as a tethered magnetic key, a two-ply belt, a console display that tells you elapsed time, distance traveled, speed, and calories burned, a heart rate monitor or sensors, a cubbyhole for a water bottle, and an adjustable incline.

Last but not least, a rock-solid warranty is essential: lifetime coverage on the frame, three years on the motor, and one year of in-home labor coverage.

7) Buy online, save money.

Buying a treadmill online, direct from the manufacturer or a distributor, can save you as much as 45% off the retail price. Free shipping is usually included in the package. This is a great deal for consumers — and now that you’ve followed all seven essential steps, you’ll be guaranteed to get the best treadmill for your fitness goals, lifestyle, and budget.

B. Massey is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and runs an exercise equipment reviews web site. If you’re looking for more information about treadmills and other fitness equipment, visit his site today.

The student fitness center at Rec Hall
treadmill exercise
Image by pennstatenews
The student fitness center has room for about 220 people to comfortably work on the strength-training and cardio-equipment.

If you think the treadmill is just for running and walking, think again! You can take a walk with your hands or put your mountain climbers on the moving belt for an entirely new challenge. Watch this video to learn unique moves from Equinox’s popular Shred and Tread classes to strength train using the machine. We promise, you will never look at the treadmill the same way again.

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What You Need to Know In Order To Find the Best Home Treadmill


Choosing the best home treadmill can be confusing as you look through the various options, improved models, and brand name sales. Too often, people get bogged down in all the ‘Goodies’ a treadmill promises them that they could the fact that the treadmill doesn’t have the basic fundamentals of a valuable unit.

When you are aware of the 4 necessities for all treadmills, you’ll easily be able to pick out the treadmill that will suit you best.

The 4 simple necessities for every treadmill are:

#1 – High Powered, Durable Motor

As the motor is the most costly part of the treadmill to repair, a good motor is necessary for your treadmill. Look for at least a motor power of 2.0 HP, preferably higher.

Remember that a 1.5 HP motor has to work doubly as hard as a 3.0 HP motor – so it will wear out long before the 3.0 HP motor.

Also, not all motors are built with the same quality pieces. Try to find a superior brand name and an extended motor warranty to give you clues as to the quality of the motor.

#2 – Great Floor Padding

There’s not enough said about cushioning and it is so important in a home treadmill. A great support system helps care for your joints, ligaments and back. A deficient padding system can lead to injury and pain. I know of one woman who purchased an inexpensive brand of treadmill and then used it. Within 6 months, she had hurt her knees so severely that it was too painful for her to just walk on the treadmill. That’s something you do not want to happen to you!

Make sure your treadmill has a great cushioning system – mainly if you’ll be running!

#3 – Complete Warranty

You need to uphold your investment, so a comprehensive treadmill warranty is essential. An extensive treadmill warranty will include the frame for at least 30 years, the motor for at least 5 years and other components and repairs for about 1 year. Anything above that, and you’ve got a fantastic warranty.

If a treadmill comes with a great warranty, it says a lot about the quality of the equipment.

Treadmill companies do not add in warranties because they think they’ll have to fix the treadmill in that time frame. They are confident that they WON’T be forced to fix them in that time frame because the quality of parts used are high. So, if you see a treadmill with a 10 year motor warranty, you KNOW it’s a quality built motor. A motor warranty that is only for a short period of time says a lot about the manufacturer’s confidence in their machinery.

#4 – Reputable Brand Name

Some brand names are recognized for providing a high quality home treadmill. Various brand names may be well-known but they don’t necessarily have a good reputation.

Select a treadmill that has a reputable, quality brand name. Not sure which brands are good? Check out expert ratings and ‘Best Buys’ on various treadmill review sites and/or magazines. You’ll start to see a trend where certain brand names appear repeatedly. These ones are the quality treadmill companies.

So here are 4 basic essentials of a quality home treadmill:

– High Powered, Durable Motor – Superior Floor Padding – Complete Coverage of Parts and Service – Excellent Brand Name

With this in mind, you will be able to quickly search through treadmills to find the perfect one for you.

Looking to find the best deal on tredmills, then visit to find the best advice on tredmill for you.

Treadmill with laptop holder close-up
treadmill exercise
Image by kusine
Close up of the laptop stand

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HIIT Treadmill Routines – What You Need to Know


The treadmill is one of the most important cardio exercise equipment that even home gyms have it. It allows one to do a cardio workout even when the weather is unfavorable. While a treadmill exercise is easy to do, it can get pretty boring after a while. After all, you really don’t have to do anything except run or walk on it. Moreover, a steady walking or running pace on the treadmill does not bring the heart rate up nor does it have any substantial effect on burning away excess body fats. However, a HIIT treadmill routine can spice things up and make your treadmill workout a fat-busting one.

If you haven’t heard of HIIT before, it’s about time you should. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a specially designed workout that features intensive spurts of activity alternated with short rest periods. While HIIT routines are more popularly done with sprints, these can also be designed for other activities like the treadmill. A HIIT treadmill routine can burn calories and zap away fat in far less time than a regular treadmill routine alone. This is because HIIT treadmill routines increase the metabolic rate of the body even up to a day after the exercise. Thus, even if you’re not on the treadmill anymore, your body continues to burn calories like crazy, making you lose fat even when you’re talking or lazing around.

Like any workout, treadmill exercises done with high intensity interval training begins with a warm up phase and ends with cool down exercises. To do these types of treadmill routines, fast runs and slower jogs (or brisk walks and regular walks) occur 30 seconds each in a span of 4 minutes. If you’re new to this routine, you can shorten the time to 2 minutes and gradually work up to the full time period. If you are a regular runner or are already far advanced in your fitness level, you can go as fast as 10 mph during each interval. For novices, 3-5 mph is a good place to start. No matter your fitness level, you can always adjust the speed with which you want to go on your treadmill.

During periods of high-intensity, your heart rate should be 85% of the maximum while in the recovery phase, you should strive to bring your heart rate up to 50% of its maximum rate. One advantage of exercises on this medium is that the treadmill already has a heart rate calculator. This prevents error and provides valuable insight on the body’s heart rate, a very important tool in determining if you are doing the routine correctly.

Incorporating a high intensity interval training routine into your regular treadmill walks or runs makes for a very interesting workout. It reduces plateaus normally experienced by exercisers who are already following the same routine for a significant amount of time. More importantly, a HIIT treadmill workout burns calories and zaps away fat in far less time, giving the body a more toned look. Aside from this, HIIT treadmill routines also increase endurance, enhancing performance in whatever sport, be it aerobic or anaerobic in nature.

Personal trainer, world traveler, and sports nutrition expert who enjoys helping others achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

Last but not least, read my revealing Insanity reviews and learn how easy it is to get super fit from your home with no equipment using the Insanity video.

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Basic Guide To Treadmill Maintenance


A treadmill is an electric device used exercising purpose. It consists of the belt on which a person can either run or walk without the change of place. The belt is in circular shape. The belt of the treadmill is a motor which allows the person to run at the same place in a way that the speed remains the same and necessarily opposite. It has much positive effect on the health of the user.

Some of the treadmills have special features like step count, heart rate monitors, amount of calories burnt. This provides an easy way to workout compared to other complex cardiovascular exercises. They can be used at home or office or in gym. They are easy to carry and move from one place to another. They avoid difficulty of going to gym. Users can perform many functions while walking or running. They can watch TV or listen to music. A treadmill allows an individual to walk or run indoors.

Caring and cleaning of the treadmill
It is essential to clean and take proper care of the treadmill as it is an expensive item. In order to ensure that the life of the machine is enhanced clean the belt and deck of the machine atleast once or twice in a week. The place where the treadmill is placed should be dust free and try to keep the desk dust free. For cleaning thoroughly use a mild solution with cotton.

The treadmill with the console need more care. Console crashing has become very common so in order to determine the crash is not due to a defect then turn off the treadmill and on again. This process will reset the treadmill again. In order to safeguard the treadmill from the crashes, place the plug of the treadmill into an AC outlet which is grounded. If there are repetitive crashes then ask the manufacture to replace the machine as the treadmill is available with the warranties and the warranty include the console crashes.

Prevention is always better then cure so always read the owners manual which will allow the user to use the treadmill in the best way which will minimize the occurrence of problems. Improper use of the treadmill will cost the user by the amount of the repairs.

If the user has any problem regarding handling of the machine then he should consult the manufacturer. The manual provides with the tips of careful handling of the machine and along with the guidelines to solve the problems related to the treadmill. It is expensive exercise equipment so it should be properly taken care of to prolong life of the treadmill.

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Space Shuttle Mission: STS-128 Launch
treadmill exercise
Image by cma3
No Post Processing. This is exactly what we saw out there. Shot hand held at 300mm from a boat ~11 miles away on Mosquito Lagoon. This is the closest public viewing site outside of the Kennedy Space Center. This is closer than all the free public (land based) viewing sites in Titusville.

The long exposure i wanted to get was impossible. it would have been amazing too, there was a big black cloud above the pad the whole time. So I settled on a range of exposures and guessed what it might look like with the rockets ablaze. Again, very difficult to shoot and with the boat moving the whole time I had to rely heavily on the built in IS. My other regret, in hindsight, was not swapping lenses (to the Sigma 17-70mm) to get a shot of the sky as the shuttle moved behind the cloud and lit up the entire sky like it was daytime. I hope someone was able to make this picture…it was breathtaking.

Here is our video of the event:

And here is the official NASA video:

From NASA: Discovery Readies for Station Resupply Flight
Space shuttle Discovery will carry the Leonardo supply module to the International Space Station during STS-128, along with a new crew member for the station, Nicole Stott.

Commanded by veteran astronaut Rick "C.J." Sturckow, the STS-128 mission crew will deliver refrigerator-sized racks full of equipment, including the COLBERT treadmill, an exercise device named after comedian Stephen Colbert.

Stott will take the place of Tim Kopra, who moved into the station during STS-127. Pilot Kevin Ford and Mission Specialists Patrick Forrester, Jose Hernandez, John "Danny" Olivas and Sweden’s Christer Fuglesang round out the crew.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Fitness Treadmill


More homeowners and consumers are looking to buy the best fitness treadmill and bring it home for their personal usage. Of course, there are many different fitness treadmills out there today, and it’s important to understand what your options are and what you’ll need to keep in mind as you conduct your research and make your purchasing decision. Once you have some basic knowledge you will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

There are more benefits and advantages to owning a fitness treadmill than most people readily realize. Of course you get into fantastic shape, but you also do so much more conveniently than you would with a gym. For example, at any time of the morning, day or night you can workout, whereas gyms have set hours and other regulations.

You also won’t need to worry about driving back and forth to the gym, which is always a hassle and adds up to a lot of wasted time. Plus, gyms are always crowded, the machines you want are often taken and you have all of those other inconveniences that you won’t have to deal with when you’re using a fitness treadmill from home.

Of course, you can’t forget about how fitness treadmills will allow you to drop that very expensive gym membership. When you consider how much you’ll save when you lose your gym membership, then you’ll realize that buying a fitness treadmill will actually allow you to save money in just a year or two. This makes fitness treadmills a fantastic investment, and a smart monetary move besides offering great health and convenience advantages.

Clearly there are plenty of benefits for owning your own fitness treadmill. Now it’s important to consider, what kinds of features and specifications should you actually be seeking out when you have to make your purchasing decision?

Brand names aren’t the most important thing, but when you buy a fitness treadmill made from one of the biggest brands you know you can rely on the quality of the machine. Some of these big names include Bowflex, Sole and Nautilus, although there are many others in addition. Don’t feel like you have to buy a fitness treadmill from these companies, but rest easy knowing that if you do, you’ll always be happy with your decision.

The motor is one of the most important pieces of a fitness treadmill, and you’ll want to know how powerful it is. The more horsepower there is, the more durable it will be, and the more pounding and wear and tear it will be able to handle. Continuous duty fitness treadmill motors might range from about 1.5 to 3.5 horsepower as a general range. Coinciding with this, you might also want to look at the maximum user weight of the particular model, depending on who will be using the machine.

Then you get into some of the really fun details, like the preset workout programs that a fitness treadmill comes with, and the information that it can track for you and display on their screens. The maximum speed and the maximum inclination, as well as the levels of increments or adjustments you can make in between, are both very important and will enable you to have a wide range of different workout options.

Also pay attention to the size of the fitness treadmill that you’re purchasing. This includes both the size of the deck itself, as well as the total size of the machine, so you know how much space you need. Luckily, many fitness treadmills today can be folded up for easier, less obtrusive keeping when they aren’t being used. This means that you can keep them just about anywhere without any hassle.

This is just the beginning of what you’ll have to consider and look for, but with this basic knowledge you should be able to get started with your purchasing process. There are so many benefits to owning a fitness treadmill, that you’ll always be happy with your decision. Just take the time to find the one that matches your needs in terms of features and price, and then you’ll see for yourself the advantages of fitness treadmills in the home.

Before buying a Fitness Treadmill for your home, visit to review the best Fitness Treadmills on the market today.

treadmill exercise
Image by Ted & Dani
This little guy was hoping to use the toilet paper as a treadmill for some exercise, but there was too much friction and he just fell off.

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Best Exercise Treadmills: Getting the Best Treadmill Deals


Mass media’s booming focus on a healthy lifestyle has been making many people more conscious about exercise and other healthy activities. There is always the option of enrolling in a gym membership and having access to a variety of tried and tested equipment but some people just do not have time for regular gym classes. In place of a regular gym membership, many people have opted to buy their own exercise equipment and bring exercise to the homes. Eventhough there are many types of exercise equipment available, most people still prefer treadmills above all the rest. You can indeed achieve your goal of a healthier body right at home if you have with you some of the best exercise treadmills.

You get your money’s worth

The best exercise treadmills are those that can live up to their monetary value. You will definitely not risk some money on exercise equipment that will not help you achieve your health goals. The best exercise treadmills that you can find are those that are worth the high price that most of them have. Some characteristics to include are: non-skid treadmills, and those that can withstand wear and tear better. The said characteristics are only some of the characteristics worth looking for in your search for the best exercise treadmills.

Brand popularity is not everything

Mass media’s brand name wars could be a very powerful factor in your choice of exercise treadmill brands. We are persuaded by strong and creative marketing and advertising techniques in going for the popular brands in exercise treadmills. In buying exercise treadmills, we are also influenced by the massive advertising campaign by some big companies. We often fall into the erroneous judgment of taking some brands better than the others only because an intense marketing campaign persuaded us to think that way. The best exercise treadmills look beyond brand names and try to look at the features that a treadmill can bring. In this way, you get to have the best services out of your exercise equipment without following blindly for popular brands.

Seek out what people can say about the treadmill type

You will find the best types of exercise treadmills by knowing what customers have to say about those items. The reviews at online web pages can be very helpful for you to know what the best treadmill types are. By reading honest views of people about these machines, you will be guided as you decide the best treadmills for you.

Are you looking for the Best Exercise Treadmills look no further we know how to help you find just the right one.

treadmill exercise
Image by RV1864
Women on treadmill exercise equipment.

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Go For Convenient Exercise with Treadmills for Home


Many people have been made aware of being overweight. Today’s television and other media are full of the dangers to one’s health when fat accumulates around the heart and other organs of the body. There is also the issue of clothes not fitted right and a general state of being unhealthy. In addition to a proper diet, exercise has also been stressed as a need for good health. As a result, many people have purchased treadmills for home use.

Home treadmills these days are made for comfort, simplicity, and ease. One doesn’t need to enroll in any body-building program just to use and get the benefits of the features. They are not only good for people wanting to lose weight but for those who just want to keep up their body strength as well. Older fellows have realized how important the machine is for them since they don’t have to stay out for a walk or work in the gym.

The electric treadmill is a common model which can be purchased in small, medium, or large sizes. The large variety is suited for spaces that are also large like in the garage or anything like it. Usually people putting a treadmill in the bedroom prefer the medium or smaller models.

With the many different models and prices of treadmills it is always a good idea to check them out carefully before making a choice. Every kind possess certain features and price that vary much. You can simply search the internet for valuable reviews and opinion with regards to the specific type of treadmill you are considering to buy.

As been said, there are distinct features on each machine that should be looked at. Things and features like kind of tread, angle and inclination of the running surface as well as control functionality are important aspects.

There are certain specific benefits one can get in treadmills aside from convenient exercising. For one thing, it is possible to wear any attire desired. It is not a requirement to be all dressed up in jogging or workout clothes when you feel more comfortable in pajamas. Also, you are at liberty to do other stuff while exercising like playing your iPod or watching television.

Consequently, you can use it anytime, day or night. A lot of people even use it to get some exercise before going to bed since the body turns into a relaxation mode right after the routine, thus giving them a good night sleep.

With the busy demands of modern life it is not always feasible to stop everything and go to a gym or other location in order to keep one’s body in good physical shape. Frequently, there’s just too much to do that there’s really no time for any gym exercise. However, with the benefit of treadmills for home use, one can conveniently stay healthy and fit and only little effort is needed to carry it out. It is the most effective and practical way of keeping the muscles and the body in an overall stable and healthy state.

The compact treadmill enables you to exercise at your own convenience and venue. It makes home weight loss a feasible option. If you need to know more, go browse this site.

treadmill exercise
Image by courosa
Have my laptop rigged to my treadmill these days – it seems the only way I get any exercise.

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Making Time for a Daily Exercise Routine


Everyone needs to exercise; we all know this. But sometimes, we just get too busy to find time for it.

Well, finding the time to exercise is easier than you think. Sometimes you just have to think more creatively about it!

Walking and running are some of the best forms of exercise available. If you’re a morning person, maybe you can wake up just half an hour earlier and run on a treadmill during this extra time.

Treadmills are great because you can adjust them to the settings you want and need. You also are able to take a quick bathroom break and have easy access to water right in the comfort of your own home!

However, if you struggle with mornings, then maybe an evening jog would be a better choice. Again, you can use the treadmill, or you can go outside on a local bike trail or through the park.

With this method, you can save money by not having to buy a treadmill. Also, the fresh air and sunshine are very exhilarating and good for your health too.

They provide you with Vitamin D, which is essential for absorbing Calcium. The benefits of running outside are vast!

One way to get the best of both worlds is to simply keep your treadmill outside- that way you can pace yourself accordingly, take breaks as needed, and still get the sunshine and fresh air. To protect it from the elements, maybe buy one with wheels on it so you can keep it in the garage or shed, or you can keep a tarp over it.

Another form of daily exercise, if running sounds too boring, is swimming laps. Many gyms have lap swim pools, and they open really early too so that you can organize your time around work.

Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise, because it works every muscle in your body, and the pressure of the water helps protect your muscles from injury. It also helps you to cool off during the hot summer months.

However, if you don’t have an extra half hour to an hour each day to exercise, there are still some smart choices you can make during your regular routines that will increase your fitness. For example, when you go grocery shopping, park at the bottom of the parking lot so that you have to walk farther.

You may say that you don’t have the time to park far away, but the amount of time it takes to talk to the door from a far parking spot takes just as much time as you might spend driving around looking for a good spot. Finding time to exercise is not as hard as it seems.

Whatever time of day you decide to exercise, the trick is consistency. You need to exercise for 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.

If you go running on your outdoor treadmill every morning before work, then you are taken care of; your weekly exercise requirements are met and you’ll feel invigorated right before work, so that you can keep up your energy all day and increase your productivity. Your boss will love you, you’ll feel better, and you’re body will love you too.

Destry Masterson is a health, fitness and nutrition expert. She has written articles about diet, exercise and also writes Treadmill Reviews.

Contact Info:
Destry Masterson – – Twitter: @DestryMasterson

56/365 – Running out of time
treadmill exercise
Image by Stuart Conner
I had fun with this one.

I’ll be in Billings for the weekend, starting Friday. I’ll have my Vaio, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to upload a shot for those days.

We’ll see.

Have a good weekend!

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